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When do the theory lessons take place?


At the moment we meet every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 1830hrs.   The lessons last at least 1½ hours.  The first ½ hour is spent completing example test papers and answering any questions you may have.



Your appointments …..


Please remember to book your appointments well in advance but remember that, once made, the appointment is binding.  Any changes or cancellations to appointments should be made, at least, 24 hours in advance.  In the case of sudden illness 2 hours will be acceptable, otherwise the fee for instruction will be calculated in the normal manner.

In the event of illness, no doctors note is required.  Changes are always possible within the aforementioned timings.



Please note:


Special attention of the above conditions should be noted upon changes to appointments where preparation for, or the undertaking of a test has been booked.

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